winter 2012

Another year has passed, and for some, the first snow has already fallen. Join us today for a new Little Witch magazine about the winter time, weather magick, flying ointment, druidism, spells, yearly festivals, pagan bands and much, much more. We even have an Hawaiian myth about snow! Keep safe, and we'll see you in Springtime.

winter 2011

Today we launch our year-and-a-day magazine and boy are we ever proud! We talk about Imbolc, Yule, about the many uses of hagstones and tattoos in Neo-Paganism, Gerald Gardner, reclaiming our titles and the Wild Hunt. As a bonus, Dutch authors Petra Stam and Marja de Zeeuw preview their own book 'In het licht van de Maan' ('In the light of the Moon') for us. Happy reading and Blessed Yule!

winter 2010

Our very first magazine, Winter 2010, in which we talk about science vs. religion, Imbolc, Yule, familiars, ourselves, sacrificing to the Gods and much, much more! Enjoy!

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