Summer 2013

We have had a wet, cold, Spring in The Netherlands, but now the sun is out, and Summer is off to a very hot start. Enjoy a brand new edition of Little Witch magazine, filled with hot stories about starting your own Neo-Pagan garden, Hellenismos, based on the religion of the ancient Greeks, a discussion about interfaith discussions in Neo-Paganism, and a story from the warm East.

Enjoy the Summer!

Summer 2012

It's summer again and thus it's time for a new Little Witch magazine. This time, we share our top ten fictional witches with you, we get you stared on the creation of your own divination system, we discuss the seven types of magick and we talk about atheism, monotheism, duotheism and polytheism within Neo-Paganism.

Enjoy the read and the summer!

Summer 2011

It's Summer! We've rushed through Spring and have arrived in the Land of the Lush. Join us in our discovery of the season, Litha and Lughnasadh celebrations, Pagan poetry, the top ten mobile phone applications for the witchy user and much much more in our third magazine!

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